Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Journey

Catholics from Northern New Mexico made a journey from Mexico City with a 12 foot-tall, 4,000 pound statue of the Patron Saint of the Americas. The statue was placed in front of the Santuario de Guadalupe, the oldest church in the United States honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. The journey to New Mexico followed the Camino Real, the historic route taken from Mexico City to the northern territory of New Mexico by early Spanish settlers.

The statue and the spiritual and physical journey were born out of controversial use of one of the most revered and important images in Hispanic culture. But that is not why the faithful pursued this project. Their pursuit was one of dedication, faith and discovery.

The statue is the work of reknown Mexican artist Georgina “Gogy” Farias who herself has a strong devotion to Guadalupe.

This website will share photographs by photojournalist Joshua Trujillo and some of the stories from the group’s journey north. You can click on a photo to see a larger version or to make a print for personal use. For publication contact the photographer.



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