Santa Fe Style Roof/Pond

What do you think of when you think of a roof?

Did you say a small pond of water?

Santa Fe Style Roof/pond

Well, you should have if you live in a “Santa Fe Style Home.”

One of this years Santa Fe Style casualties . . . hitting close to home . . .

Santa Fe Style Roof/pond

On Abuelita’s garage. It is hard to appreciate the size and extent of it by the photos, but look how it spans over half the garage. I had just scooped the rocks over and swished about 20 gallons of the pond off through the canale there.

Santa Fe Style Roof/pond

What comes to mind when you think of a roof?

Did you say, “A concave water catchment?”

Well that seems to be what comes to mind for Santa Fe Style Roofers. I kind of forgot about all the madness that goes on in construction here in Santa Fe, its been about four years now since I built houses. I learned to build houses out in South Jersey. It’s kind of funny, but the roofs out there (and in a lot of places I have lived actually, even here in New Mexico) are shaped in a more pointy, convexed way that strongly discourages rain or snow from collecting on them.

This image above is of a typical South Jersey home with a  typical South Jersey style of roof. I have built many of these and they work pretty well. Not to condemn Santa Fe Style outright (even though I hate it personally), because when we built these “flat” roofs, we did pitch them from about 1 ft. to 0 ft., and the side that the water drained to, the side with the canales, got what we called crickets. Crickets are little structures that further funnel water to the canales for drainage.

I have to admit that this would solve the drainage problem. The thing that happens though between the construction and sheeting of a roof and the house being finished is the roofing company comes and applies some kind of roofing. Some how they manage to create little ridges that prevent water flow off the roof and down the canales. Even on the spray foam roofs they manage to create little puddles, ponds, and ridges.

What do you imagine happens to a roof when you have about 30 or so gallons of water sitting on it for about a week? Yep, water begins seeping through as the materials are compromised and weaken. One might begin to suspect that this may be done on purpose, but why? Of what possible benefit would leaky roofs be to a roofing company?

That’s the price you pay (at least part of it) to live in the City Different.

“Every calculation, based on experience elsewhere, fails in New Mexico.”

(especially in Santa Fe . . . the City Different)


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